Wednesday, July 24, 2013

School Counselor Office Tour 2013: Before Pics

Perk of my job: I get to service TWO Elementary Schools, which means I get to personally interact with over seven hundred students via Classroom Guidance Counseling Lessons, Small-Group sessions, Individual Counseling, lunch, etc.

Downside of my job: I have to service TWO Elementary Schools! - Which means if I find a cool poster, project, idea, sign, etc. I have to buy TWO of them. Two computers. Two desk areas. Two sets of lesson curriculums. Two personal libraries. Two filing cabinets. Two... I saw a really cool idea on Pinterest for putting pencils in an old straw canister...
I had one donated to me. Okay, great... BUT WHAT SCHOOL DO I TAKE IT TO? It's like having twins and finding one cool shirt and having to pick who it goes to! 

[rant finalized]

So in the past week, I was able to get into both schools and sit for a couple minutes (what seemed like HOURS) contemplating HOW I want my office to look. Not only how I want it to look, but what will make the best environment for my students to come in and feel safe in telling me whatever they need to tell me. 

So, here's where I am...

At my Falcon school, I got a new office this year. It is right next door to my old office, but it is two feet wider (yea, I measured). My old office also had a counter and sink running most of one wall. I never used the sink. Never really used the cabinets under the counter. Maintenance couldn't take them out because there was no carpet under them and my office doesn't get new carpet until next year. So, I switched :) Yea, I know it seems petty... but the office was small anyways and getting my six 6th graders in there for group was difficult! 

So Maintenance moved my furniture in and then I arranged it how I tentatively want it. 

This is looking into my office from the door. I want it to seem like a welcoming place 
(right now it just looks like an F5 went through it)

This is my Group area. The Gray cabinet on the floor has doors. Right now it's just hanging out on the floor but I would love to mount it and keep Group stuff in it (dry erase boards, crayons, paper, etc.)

This is behind the door. This big (ugly) cabinet has all my binders, curriculum, Counseling books, etc. 

Now... I am not happy with it :( According to my wife, it is very dated (furniture, cinder block walls, etc). However, it's what I have. So, now I have to add some color, put up my posters, etc. Any ideas???

At Wildcats, my office is actually inside the Library Media Center, but there is a door I can close. Since I had this office last year, these pics are exactly how I left it at the end of last year.

View looking in from the door.

My desk. Again, dated... But I have plans! Muahahahaha!

My big cabinet (that I LOVE) and filing cabinet.

These built-ins... Most of this space is used by the Librarian Media Specialist. I like them (kinda), it just makes them difficult to rearrange anything else. But again, I have plans.

So that's it... my home(S) away from home. I will be working next week to finish moving around and decorate since our first teacher day is coming soon (11 days, 21 hours, 22 minutes and 20 seconds)... but who's counting. And since the first student day is two days after, I have to have it ready for them on Day 1!

I am looking forward to sharing pictures of the finished product.

If you have any ideas on updating my space, give me a shout!

*Sidenote... please notice I crossed out Library and Librarian and replaced them with the correct new terms. If we expect individuals to refer to use as SCHOOL Counselors and not GUIDANCE Counselors, we must do the same. You only earn the respect you give :)

-Stay tuned for more-


  1. Oh, the possibilities!

  2. What a great looking forward to how you decorate both of them!! You asked for ideas, check out my office decor and office organization posts at Some freebie printables for you!!!

  3. You just gave me a great idea for my new office!!!! (Which actually was throttled by an F5 tornado :))))

    Love seeing a male in this profession!!! We just lost our one and only to the private sector!!!!