Thursday, July 24, 2014

Exciting Week!!

This week has been mind-blowing! So here's a recap:

Last Thursday: our family drove to Iowa to celebrate my sister's 40th Birthday :) She had an 80's theme party and it was fantastic! And what 80's party wouldn't be complete without a sweet 'stache...

It was hard shaving my goatee after having it for 11+ years... I (along with my wife) am now eagerly awaiting for it to GROW BACK
We drove back from Iowa on Sunday night and stopped in our hometown and stayed with my parents (our future home if we didn't find something before our move!)

Monday my wife had an interview and we stopped by my new school (my Alma Mater) to get my keys and some papers. Here are some pics of MY NEW OFFICE!

My desk and a bunch of junk lol

There's a window!... that overlooks a hallway... and a door lol

My new office!!
It's quite a bit smaller... but designed for a different reason. I don't have to have a small-group table (we have a conference room). I don't have to have board games (well, they're highschoolers). I don't have to have Mr. Potato Heads (pssh forget that OF COURSE I DO!)

On Tuesday we hung out with my mother-in-law who, in our desperate house search, decided to be old school and bring a newspaper Classifieds... like, who reads THOSE anymore?! Well, turns out our future house was in it! After talking to the woman and having my dad go look at it (we had already left to come back home) we filled out the Application and got approved on Wednesday! So we have a house!!! (yea, we've never actually been inside of it and only seen a half dozen pics... but it's our new home!!)

Tonight I went out and celebrated with my former Elementary Counseling Team. Two of them left after the 2012-2013 year, leaving me and the Social Worker and two new kids on the block. But we've stayed in touch and I couldn't ask for a better Elementary team! 

Look familiar? 
If that pic looks familiar, check out this picture from my post last July titled The Lone Ranger 

Haha not much changed :)
So today is Thursday. Next Tuesday and Wednesday we are moving and the following Monday (the 4th) is my first day!!! The HS Counselors work 5 days before school starts, to give us time for registration, class changes, etc. So I will be blogging pics of my office (once it's done) and to talk about how my first day went :) Plus I'll be changing my blog around a little to fit the new level so Stay tuned!


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A BIG change is comin!

So I've heard about certain roads being paved with good intentions... But honestly these last few months have been CRAZY! There's a lot that's gone on that frankly I won't get into- but all I will say is God gives us these opportunities of growth for a reason.

Two years ago we left our hometown of 25+ years for a new town, new church, and new friends 120 miles away (basically from the W coast of Indiana to the E coast of Indiana). I had just graduated Grad School and accepted the Elementary position. It took a lot to leave our family but we knew things were happening for a reason. This has been a fantastic two years with the kiddos and I am so glad to have gotten to influence so many lives. Moving to this town strengthened our marriage, our Faith, and our independence. We had to depend on each other because honestly we didn't have anyone else. It's been hard... But it was SOOO worth it.

But, like with all things, God kept working and yesterday I was offered a position BACK IN OUR HOMETOWN!

And it's a High School counseling position! YIKES! But I am so excited for this opportunity to be closer to family and to rebuild some friendships that got put aside when we moved.

So what does that mean for this Blog? Not a lot. I want to keep blogging. I am still me. I'll still make fun signs and use Google Docs and have crazy-kid stories (only now the crazy kids will be older)! I am excited to see kids reaching their goals with graduation and I know it will be a rewarding transition. I'll probably change some pics and the tag line but I still like the networking that blogging gives! I'm still A Fellow School Counselor!

So here's my question for you... What should I know? What should I read/ learn first? Transitioning to HS is big and I want your input! I plan on blogging throughout the whole transition and I hope you come along on the ride with me :)

So hold on to your butts! Here we go!!!