Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Do I really want my first post to be titled "Welcome"?...

I guess it's true... the first post IS the hardest!

Since you're here, let me start by telling you about myself. My name is Johnathon Allen and I am an Elementary School Counselor. In 2007 I graduated with my Undergraduate Degree in Psychology and Criminology and I worked in Community Mental Health for about six years. In 2010 I began my Graduate Degree in School Counseling at Indiana State University and graduated in 2012. After graduating, my wife and I (along with our two kiddos) moved across the state for my career in School Counseling.

In our District, we have six Elementary Schools and three Elementary School Counselors. So, as your "Everyday Math" would leave you to deduce, I service two schools. Both schools have just over 350 between the seven grade levels. Once school is the Falcons  and one school is the Wildcats, and that is how I will address each school in these posts...

Oh yea, your probably wondering why I'm blogging to begin with. Well, I got to spend four AMAZING days at ASCA's Conference in Philadelphia, PA. While there I was lucky enough to meet Danielle Schultz and Andrea Burston, who lead a Meet & Greet and a Breakout Session all related to Blogging. I also found out why I couldn't find any blogs featuring male Elementary School Counselors... because there aren't any! And I also knew that if I was searching, I probably wasn't the only one... so, instead of just sitting and waiting for someone to blog about what I need... here I am!

Coming up: I'll be posting about coming into a new town, having a new career, and my journey this past year in finding my self, finding my place, and finding ANYTHING in my new offices :) So add me to your RSS feed and hopefully you will be pleased with what you find!



  1. Yay Johnathon on your first post! It was so great to meet you in Philly and you weren't playing about getting your blog up and running, so excited for you!

  2. Congratulations on staring a blog! It was a pleasure meeting you in Philly! I am so excited you took the plunge and started a blog! I am sure there are other "fellows" out there looking for an elementary school counselor blog! Love the title and can't wait to read more from you! Happy blogging!

  3. It's not hard to be inspired by the two ladies you mentioned! In fact, Danielle also inspired me to begin blogging a few years ago! I LOVE the what you have named your blog -- such a play on words and absolutely fantastic! I've added you to my blog roll and I look forward to reading about your adventures!

  4. Hey Jonathon! Welcome to the blogging world! I look forward to reading more of your posts. I recently started my own blog and I added yours to my blog roll. If you create a "blogs I follow" section, would you add mine on there? I'd greatly appreciate it.