Thursday, August 22, 2013

And the nominees are...

I can't believe it! After a week-long hiatus from the Feedly world (and Twitter, and Facebook, and everything it seems since the start of school) I just realized I was nominated for an award!

What award you ask? Oscar? Tony? CMA Award? Best Nope... even better!

Allison at Counseling Corner nominated me for the Liebster Award! *duhn-duh-duh-DUUHHNNNN*!!

For anyone who doesn't know what the esteemed Liebster Award is (like I didn't until I Googled it) ... it is an award given to new Bloggers who have less than 200 followers. While I would LOVE to have over 200 followers, I am SO honored and excited for my blog to have been acknowledged!  My German speaking friends will be impressed with my bilingual skills Google Translating skills when I say that Liebster is German for sweetest, dearest, most beloved,, kindest, cutest (yep :) and most welcoming. And isn't that what Blogging is all about? Connecting and welcoming new people and new ideas?

Link back to who nominated me. √
Answer the questions chosen by who nominated you...

     1:What advice would you give new bloggers?
Find your niche. EVERYBODY has something to offer. Don't feel bad if your blog doesn't look like someone else's  sound like someone else's or have as many followers. Odds are, if you are searching for a perfect blog to follow that tailors to your needs, someone else is too! WHY WAIT FOR THEIR BLOG?? 

     2: How do you use technology in your counseling program?
Well... that is up and coming. Since I have two schools and two offices, I have two desktop computers. Last year when I started, they offered me a laptop... but since it looked like Bill Gates' prototype and was about 74 lbs., I decided I didn't want another thing to carry around. I got Dropbox and have been fine ever since. 
However, this year we have made STRIDES! I am IN LOVE with Google Drive. I don't use it for storage but for ALL my forms. I transferred the district Referral for Counseling into a Google Form, my student notes, collaboration notes, parent contact notes... ALL Google Forms! See the post here for more!

     3: What is your Number 1 go-to resource at school?
Pinterest ... YouTube ... Tagboard ... Instagram ... Our District internet has most things blocked :( So I like to rock it old school! I like grabbing four or five old activity books, sitting on the floor and putting new twists to old ideas!

     4: If you could only have 5 books in your office, which ones would you choose?
a) The Baker's Dozen Dr. Seuss book
b) a David compilation book
c) Something Else
d) My Grief Workbook
e) The ASCA National Model

     5: What are your favorite school counseling blogs?
I currently have 28 school counselor blogs in my Feedly (which I LOVE by the way!)... seriously how do I choose? 

     6: What are your favorite blogs that are not work related?
I actually don't have any other blogs that I read.

     7: What small group resource do you find most helpful?
GAMES! Jenga is my favorite! I love my Grief Workbook and anything that elicits discussion. 

     8: What book are you currently reading?
I actually have three. I always have my original copy of Alice in Wonderland in my car to read if I am waiting for something. I am reading The Second Messiah which I got for my birthday and carry with me in my messenger bag. And I am reading Love In The Time Of Cholera because I am ALWAYS reading that book! It is one of my favorites and I recommend it to everyone!

     9: What is the best part of your job?
Seeing students grow. I worked in Community Mental Health for 6 years before becoming a school counselor. There, I saw so many clients become stagnant and never grow, never progress. These students are developing, changing, growing, and learning and I LOVE IT!

     10: What apps do you recommend?
Feedly (for blogs), CloudOn (to edit Word/ Excel on the iPad), Dropbox (storage), ClassDojo (depending on how many classrooms you are in), Bubble Wrap (because come on, duh!), The Electric Company Feel Electric! (best emotion app ever!), Mr.PotatoHead (oh yea), and Kid In Story (lets you write stories with student pics in it).

     11: What do you do to "sharpen your saw" (for fun).
I have two kiddos (5 and 3), a black lab, we foster labs, we have a guines pig and two outside cats. We LOVE music and dancing and having fun outside. We participate in Awana at our church, Vacation Bible School, Trunk or Treat, and JAM Sessions. Plus watching Downton Abby, Dr. Who, Sherlock, Big Brother, Rizzoli & Isles, Warehouse 13, Switched At Birth, etc.

I must now nominate blogs who have fewer than 200 people... however I apparently have no idea how to determine how many followers a blog has. So I am choosing:
* Hanselor The Counselor
* School Counselor Companion
* OK Counselor's Crossing
* From The Counselor's Office

Questions to answer are:
1) Where did you attend for your Masters? Why?
2) How many students do you service?
3) Favorite part of your office?
4) One time you failed and how you learned from it.
5) Describe a typical day (I know... typical day... school counselor... NO SUCH THING!)- do your best!
6) Favorite lesson you do with your students?
7) How do you keep track of student records (ie: paper, electronically, Post-It's)
8) Do you prefer Facebook or Twitter? Why?
9) Something you have stolen found inspiration from off Pinterest?
10) What are you currently reading?

Again, I want to thank Allison for the nomination! As always, happy reading!


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  1. Congrats! I love reading your blog...reading about other counselors who travel let's me know I'm not the only insane one out there ;)