Monday, November 16, 2015

A hen in the hand...

I had the ABSOLUTE pleasure of attending ISCA Annual Conference last week. 
{ISCA= Indiana School Counselor Association}

It was AMAZING! Not only did I attend, and partake in some pretty great sessions- I also presented on Technology! I used a that you can find here:

It has some pretty good techy things that have made my life easier. 

In addition, I met the fantastic Sarah Altman (ISCA President) and Kelly Johnson, Communications Chair for ISCA ... (and you can find her at I was asked to be on the Communications Team and I am SUPER excited!

On a last note- isn't it funny how no matter the AMAZING work we do, something, someone, some situation always brings it down?!?! No matter being all caught up, nominated for School Counselor of the Year, have my schedules as caught up as can be, presenting at a State Conference- there's always someone who is unhappy. So friends- HANG IN THERE! I want you to know I appreciate EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU! 

Short and to the point! I love you all!

Stay classy Counselors ;)


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